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"It's all about Glam. It's a lifestyle between the Beatles and the Ramones! It's a dandy thing. It's art in fashion. It's Rock & Roll! No whimps, no gays, just balls!"

Los Angeles. The rocker is out again on his actual "Getting the Girls" tour, and has been seen by many journalists with six another girls, who wear no panties anymore! This implied, that he has catched a minimum of one panty. We guess they had much fun at night.


Los Angeles. Today early in the morning: The rocker, coming from a private poker game, was arrested for possession of cocaine and released at around 1pm for a $ 1.5 million bail. His current girlfriend Sheena(is a Punk Rocker) picked him up from the police station in his 78 'Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz (425 cui, 700 hp) and he will be charged soon.

spocky bearbeitet 234.jpg

Spocky! He has died on 09/12/2019

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